Barking and Dagenham Against the Cuts is a group of people living and/ or working locally who want to see a better borough, not coalition government cuts.


  • Defend the NHS, no back-door privatisation
  • Defend council housing, no forced evictions, repeal “right to buy” legislation
  • Defend jobs, benefits and pensions, no redundancies, no cuts in benefits and pensions
  • Defend multiculturalism – no racist thugs on the streets
  • Defend education – reinstate “Building schools for the future” policy
  • Defend culture – re-open the Broadway theatre


  • The Ford Dagenham factory was the biggest in Europe, with fifty thousand jobs
  • The Becontree housing estate was the biggest council estate in Europe
  • Barking had its own multi-storey hospital block at Upney
  • Fords Dagenham machinists pioneered equal pay for women workers

BUT NOW (according to council report):

Barking is one of the four London boroughs with the highest number of…

  • Low paid workers living and working in the borough
  • Working-age people with limiting long-standing illness, including industrial injury
  • Working-age benefit recipients


  • The Care Quality Commission complained that the Barking, Havering and Redbridge Hospital Trust had poor patient care and financial problems.
  • Two young mothers died in childbirth at Queens Hospital in 2011
  • There are around twelve thousand people on the council housing waiting list
  • Rents on private accommodation are unaffordable for people on benefits
  • The Ford factory was once the biggest factory in Europe, but now employs only about a tenth of the previous workforce
  • The Remploy Factory for disabled workers at Long Reach Road is to be closed.

One response to “About


    A council report states that the borough is one of the four most deprived boroughs in London because of low pay, numbers of people on benefit, and people suffering from industrial diseases.

    But in early 2012, the councillors almost unanimously voted to make things worse for residents by agreeing the Tory-Lib Dem coalition budget without a word of protest.

    It is scandalous that a Labour council should form itself into a human shield to defend the millionaires of the coalition government and their budget cuts.

    The long-term council cabinet have become too used to routine administration and cannot give political leadership against a Tory-led government that is determined to slash the social services that are essential in Barking and Dagenham.

    We, the residents, must defend the NHS, council housing, jobs and pensions, and education.

    But the LBBD councillors must change or go!

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